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consider it dug

tap the table, oh here's more bad luck

you'll hear her sigh



January 9th, 2019


I've had this ready for quite some time, as I made it and then promptly forgot about it.

?Collapse )

October 1st, 2009

Yet another progress update. Something of a lie as there really is no progress to report, but a reassertion that this story is not dead and the first Sim-related priority once I have Sims again is to update it like it's never been updated before. I've got about five parts' worth and I'll probably come up with more in the interval. So.

Kind of funny. I swore I would never ever take a year between updates like I occasionally did on my old Fictionpress account, and it looks like this one despite my best intentions might actually take that long. I hate everything.

July 3rd, 2009

Got some good news, and some bad news. Let's start with the bad news, so that we can end on a happy note. As anyone that follows my journal probably already knows, my computer is, once again, shot. It is in the process of being fixed, but I haven't an estimate yet when to expect it to work again. Woe.

The good news is, I've finished writing the next update and about half the one after that. Broken computers are good for my productivity. So this time when I say an update is coming soon, it's (probably) true.

I appreciate so much that people have stuck with me through all this nonsense, and I hope the update, when it finally happens, is worth it.

May 5th, 2009

Hey guys, just a little update on what's going on with the story. People who follow my sim journal are aware that my computer has taken another turn for the worse, so it's out of the question to have an update currently. Aside from that, I lost my story neighborhood last time my computer died, and hadn't bothered to reconstruct it yet, so there's a fair bit of work to do before I can update. I plan to do so ASAP, though, because damn, nothing since December? Sad.

I'm working hard on writing the next couple of updates to avoid this happening again, so hopefully by the time my computer is fixed I'll be ready to start simming. I'm so sorry about the long silence.

(Also: *hyperventilates* I am so ridiculously flattered, you have no idea.)
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